Our Team


Khawar oversees the Sponge business and team.He has over 25 years of experience working in the software industry and is currently focused on expanding the Sponge Method of language learning and bringing it to new students in the Greater Seattle and beyond. He enjoys traveling to far corners of the world, occasionally dabbles in oil painting, and is a fan of all types of science fiction.


Heike hires, trains, and coaches our teachers.She develops our curriculum and ensures that each session is at its best. Heike brings over 15 years of teaching experience to Sponge, with learners of all ages. Her passion is in creating a springboard to lifelong language and intercultural learning. When she’s not working, you’ll find Heike gardening, traveling, reading, or with family and friends.


Diana is from Colombia before she moved to Seattle with her husband and two boys 14 years ago. She has a bachelor degree in Marketing and Advertising and was a former Marketing Manager in a technology company in Colombia. She’s a Spanish teacher in Sponge for 8 years. Diana loves watching movies with her husband and hiking friends, Zumba classes and walking her 3 ½ years old German Shepherd dog.

What Our Students Have to Say

My daughter is raving about it. Loves the teacher, loves the immersion.

~ Anne M.

It has been terrific fun observing my son’s confidence in speaking the language build from the first day. More often, he’s coming home and sharing the lesson from class!

~ JuliAnne D.

Our Sponge teachers have been fun, engaging and easy to learn from. We consider our classes an investment in our daughter’s future and think it’s one of the best decisions we’ve made since her birth!

~ Diana O.

The teachers at Sponge are extremely engaging, inventive and encouraging.

~ Katie & Ben

Teachers and class content ROCK. My kids enjoy the class and are learning! The program is fresh and current to how a language should be taught. The kids don’t even know they are learning 😉

~ Kareth H.

As a pediatrician, I really believe Sponge had a large impact on their early development…and they had sooo much fun too! We have made such wonderful friends over the last 3 years through Sponge as well.

~ M.S.

Great focus on the language for young ones! The immersion approach is very important to us. It is lots of fun for both kids and parents. The kids really absorb the material and the parents learn too!

~ J. N.

We love the teachers and the structure of Sponge curriculum. My daughter also loves the class!

~ A. N.

Language program seems very suitable for a toddler. (We like) the languages offered, the teachers, classroom setting, and the curriculum.

~ C. F.